[my] Performance Brief

Kylie’s commitment to this blog has been a little lacking in the second semester of the season and she has failed to submit a number of race reports. This will only disadvantage her future learning and she must consider the impact of this when failing to apply herself appropriately.

Subject: Wyong Olympic Distance Race

After a big year of Half Ironman and Ironman distance racing, Kylie (and her family) expressed interest in training and competing in shorter distance races. It was difficult to assess her true capabilities with her first ever Olympic distance race being abbreviated due to atrocious playground conditions, yet she applied her practical interest in puddle jumping effectively. See [my] Podium Booze for the full report of her (mis)behaviour.

Class Rank: 3rd Overall female (from 13), 2nd AG

Grade: Time: 2:14 hr       (Swim 1.5km – 25.12    Ride 32km- 58:10   Run 10km -47:51)

Subject: Hamilton Island Sprint Race

Kylie keenly participated in an extracurricular excursion to Hamilton Island, where to her surprise she achieved a 3rd place in her age group, whilst rubbing shoulders with Olympians and Multiple World Champion Triathletes. We commend Kylie for all the relentless, hard work of socialising, racing, photo-taking, social media updating, being wined and dined and escorted to amazingly stunning venues that she had to endure for Women’s Running Australia Magazine. 😉 Full details of her secret (not so secret) mission at [my] Protagonist Behaviour.

Class Rank: 3rd AG

Grade: Time: 1:32hr       (Swim – 18:20     Bike – 46:09         Run – 25:14)

Subject: Central Coast Triathlon Club Races

December – GRADE: Sprint Distance, a PB for this race 1:17.44

January – GRADE: Failed to register in time. This implies incompetence and she had no reasonable explanation to excuse this poor behaviour.

February – Absent on holiday, unable to assess.

March – GRADE: A new PB for this race, however she was chastised for cutting a corner on the bike course. If we add a 1 minute penalty, it still remains a PB. 1:16.40

April – GRADE: 1:17.40 Kylie has remained consistent and notably swam sans wetsuit, in what appeared an industrious effort to practice non-wetsuit swimming was in fact an act of laziness.

Subject: Cobra 100…Australia’s premier, handicap, invitational event (against mates)

Considering Kylie’s complete lack of any distance training and the immense physical pain of ulcerated blisters in regions that are already naturally pink enough, her performance was above average as she satisfactorily met the 2km swim, 83km bike ride and 18km run criteria. Her time was slightly slower than the previous year, however her run split had improved.

Class Rank – 32nd/65 (5th Female). Too harshly handicapped, but somewhat flattering at the same time.

Grade Time: 4.58 hr   (2km Swim – 44:21   83km Bike – 2.36  18km Run – 1.38)

Subject: ACT State Championships, Standard distance qualifying race for World Champs

Kylie’s last minute decision to enter this race indicates her lack of planning, yet did not indicate any lack of training. Her consistent work towards her key race (the Australian Age Group Championships) was to be tested in this race, as her first attempt at the full Olympic distance race. A quick road trip, with her mother as chaperone, took longer than expected with torrential rain and storms threatening (once again) to either shorten or cancel the event. The 9degC morning was no excuse for allowing wetsuits, as Lake Burleigh Griffin was a tepid 22.2degC, therefore no cheating for the weaker students. The swim was delayed by fog and the swim distance extended as the scaffolding company hadn’t erected the area to exit the water. Kylie continues to prove that her swim is her feeble leg and has assured me she shall apply herself more thoroughly in the future. The 1km from swim exit to bike start proved difficult for Kylie’s continuing plantar fasciitis, however she demonstrated a strong effort once on the smooth roads. Kylie experienced a competitor both drafting off her, and blocking her, for the first time ever and reported a feeling of amusement, frustration and eventually vindication when they were penalised, placed on a 3 minute detention. This however acted as a point of focus for her during her ride, which is an improvement from her usual day dreaming efforts. Kylie remained consistent with pacing during the run, however needs to avoid being distracted by others, such as rogue kids on scooters, old people strolling across the whole path, parents with prams, dog walkers and even crossing ducks on the public path. Wasting time on stopping to loosen laces is also an immature error that she should have been better prepared for. However, Kylie was aptly rewarded by cooling droplets being shaken from the corridors of wet trees that lined the stunning lakeside run.

Class Rank: 2nd (from 18) AG

Grade: Time – 2.39 hr (Swim- 34:56   Ride – 1.13   Run – 48:55)


School’s out for summer!

Subject: Australian Age Group Championships, Wollongong – Standard distance World Champs qualifying race

Kylie had established early in the season her motivation for gaining selection in the Australian team for the AG World Championships (to be held in Cozumel, Mexico) but also expressed concern with the method of selection, only feeling deserving of a place on the team based on a podium finish. While some are merited positions based on persistence, her enthusiasm for participation was based on competing, performing and achieving against the upper echelon in her age group. Kylie has shown ingenuity in applying her mathematical skills to self- justify her application to the Australian team on the premise that a 2nd and 4th in her only 2 Olympic distance races, averages out to a 3rd. Her performance in this race verifies her determined effort in completing homework tasks, such as improving her swim (by swimming every single day for the month prior to the race) proving beneficial for her in the non-wetsuit race ocean swim.  The bike ride, on an undulating course, saw her achieve another PB over the 40km distance with plenty of cat-and-mouse chasing across the 2 laps, where she was seen to be smiling the whole way. Kylie’s race was progressing pleasantly onto the run with the first 3km ahead of pace and appearing like a strong effort. Unfortunately, a lapse in concentration saw Kylie’s run pace decrease slightly over the next 3 km’s. Had she been aware that the competitor in 3rd place was only 42 seconds ahead, this may have prompted a more diligent application.  Overall, Kylie should be pleased with an improvement of 10 minutes from her last event at this distance (although it’s always difficult to compare times across different courses).

Class Rank: 4th AG (from 32)

Grade: Time – 2:29 hr (Swim- 29:35   Ride – 1:09   Run – 47:30)    

Subject: NSW Club Champs

Kylie was clearly winding down after her race at Wollongong and obviously had her mind on other proceedings of the weekend rather than the race, at which she was very dedicated to immersing herself in all the necessary events. Her approach to the swim was very casual, her bike displayed her clear enjoyment of chasing friends and her run was a less than desirable application, but understandable given a painful flare in her plantar fasciitis. Her relaxed attitude prevailed to achieve a 5th place AG which is an improvement of 5 places from last year. 

Class Rank: 5th AG (from 40)

Grade: Time –1:57hr   (Swim (1km)- 19.54   Bike (30km)-57.42        Run (8km)- 36.37)


Some people are more obsessed with triathlon than Kylie!

Well, it is hard to believe that this is only my second full season of triathlon and my 3rd year. When exactly do I graduate into that all knowledgeable, well rounded athlete? Oh, that’s right…I will never stop learning and if I ever proclaim to ‘know it all’ then it is time to hang up the goggles/cycle boots/joggers! I’m absolutely certain that my best is still to come. I remain utterly in love (maybe slightly infatuated) with triathlon and everything it brings into my life and am very much looking forward to representing Australia at the Age Group World Champs in my new age group as a 40 year old.

Always trying my personal best. xk


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